4 Reasons To Choose Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery For Your Home's Foundation

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4 Reasons To Choose Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery For Your Home's Foundation

18 October 2022
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Building a new home is an exciting project, especially if you're overseeing parts of it yourself as the general contractor rather than leaving it all up to the professionals. If you're trying to manage your own foundation excavation and pouring, you won't want to rely on a concrete mixer and endless bags of material as you try to create enough to fill the footings and forms. Here are four reasons why you'll want to order a truck full of ready-mix concrete from the nearest supplier instead. 

Faster Filling

Most engineering work done designing foundations for residential homes relies on the concept of a monolithic pour; concrete that is poured all at once and that cures at a specific rate due to its density will be stronger than material poured in sections or layers. This can dramatically reduce the chance of frost heave from below or cracking from above. It also creates a foundation that is more resistant to water absorption, which can lead to leaks in the crawlspace or basement if you have one. The sheer volume of concrete needed for an average home's foundation makes a ready-mix order a sensible choice.

Higher Grade Concrete

Certain mixtures of concrete with specific aggregates and binder materials are stronger than others. Even the amount of water added affects the final strength of the finished product. Since the foundation has to support your entire home for decades to come, it's best to order a concrete mix that's recommended for foundation use in your area based on the local soil conditions.

Cleaner Worksite

Storing bags of concrete mix or piles of raw ingredients takes up a lot of space. Most homes today are built on smaller lots than ever before, while street access makes it easy for a concrete truck to back up and empty a load directly into the forms. You'll cut down on the amount of dust created and daily noise levels as well by not running smaller concrete mixers.

Even Mixing

Ready-mix concrete tends to offer higher quality and greater consistency than anything made on-site, especially by non-experts. Unless you are a concrete contractor, you'll likely want the expertise that comes from ordering from the concrete plant rather than trying to get the mix right on your own. There are also fewer quality issues in general thanks to the thorough mixing that occurs in the truck while it's on the way to your foundation.

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