Masonry Problems: What's Wrong With Your Exterior Chimney?

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Masonry Problems: What's Wrong With Your Exterior Chimney?

4 May 2022
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If you find cracks in the stones of your exterior chimney, call a concrete contractor or stone mason today. Many people place their chimneys on the exterior of their homes. However, exterior chimneys can experience problems over time, including cracks. Learn more about the problems in your exterior chimney and the solutions to repair them below.

Why Is Your Exterior Chimney Cracking?

Exterior chimneys can experience a number of issues over time, including settlement. Settlement occurs when a structure, such as an exterior chimney, begins to fall or move downward to the ground. The weight of the chimney can weaken or displace the soil beneath it. If a chimney settles too much, it can eventually crack. 

Cracks may show up in the stones near the mouth of a chimney, or they may develop in the stones near the lower half of a chimney. Cracks may also show up in the center of a chimney. Some types of cracks can form along the sides of a chimney. Each type of crack can damage a chimney beyond repair. It's also possible for a severely cracked exterior chimney to collapse or fall to the ground. 

If the cracks in your exterior chimney concern you, repair them today.

How Do You Fix Your Exterior Chimney?

First, contact a concrete contractor or stone mason in your area and request a service call to your home. The service call will allow a contractor to determine the cause and extent of damage in your chimney. If the cracks in your exterior chimney are minor, a contractor will seal them.

If a contractor uncovers extensive damage in your chimney, they may need to replace most of all of the stones in it. The old stones may be too displaced in the chimney to support it properly. The replacements will secure the chimney and keep it from sinking further into the ground.

A contractor may also strengthen the base of the chimney with cement or natural stone. The material will keep the chimney from sinking into the soil in the future.

If the cracks in your chimney are too bad to repair or replace, go ahead and replace your exterior chimney with an interior chimney. An interior chimney sits inside the home, which means it isn't exposed to soil and other outdoor conditions. A contractor can help you decide if a new chimney is the best option for you.

You can find the services you need for your exterior chimney by contacting a contractor today.