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How Concrete Is That?

When someone describes an idea or action as "concrete," they generally mean that action is permanent or stable. Of course, that meaning is derived from the fact that concrete itself is really hard and stable. This is why, over the years, concrete has become such an in-demand material. It's used to make everything from the biggest skyscrapers to the smallest of patio pavers. What other material could be so versatile? We hope to bring more attention to that versatility as we write about concrete and contractors on this blog. As our readers, you can enjoy the content and let us know how we're doing.


Coating Your Garage Floor With Epoxy: How To Get It Done

7 October 2022
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Epoxy is a coating you can use on just about any surface, and it can be used on garage floors to give them new life and offer a clean look to any garage. Using an epoxy coating can make your garage floor easier to clean, and it can be used to cover old and ugly concrete floors you may have in your garage. If you are wanting to install an epoxy floor in your garage, there are steps you need to take in order to ensure the job is done correctly and will be long-lasting. Read More …

Inspection Points For Foundation Contractors

28 September 2022
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There are several inspections your home may undergo over the years. Some of these are inspections for buying or selling a home. Some of the inspections, however, are for work you need to be done on the home. This may be for renovations or due to some issues with the structure of the home. Your foundation contractor may be who you need to handle this type of inspection. Here are the key inspection points foundation contractors look for and what you need to know about each point. Read More …

Installing a Stamped Concrete Driveway

20 September 2022
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The driveway is a major part of your property's landscaping. In addition to providing a path for your vehicle to take, this will also be a visually important part of the landscaping. As a result, a person may want to choose a paving option that will provide them with a highly attractive pavement. Stamped Concrete Can Provide A Visually Interesting Look Stamped concrete can be among the most attractive options that you can choose. Read More …

Residential Concrete Repairs: 3 Methods Used By Contractors To Repair Concrete Cracks

14 September 2022
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When you notice cracks on your concrete slabs and walls, you must seek immediate concrete repairs to remedy the situation. However, contractors use different types of concrete repair methods to fix cracks. In most cases, the method used by concrete repair contractors will depend on the nature and size of these cracks.  Thus, if you intend to call a concrete repair contractor to fix cracks on your concrete, here are three concrete repair options they might use. Read More …

4 Types Of Concrete Surface Treatments To Consider For Your Residential Projects

9 September 2022
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Concrete surface treatments add glitz to any space, producing a smooth, shiny surface that complements your home's structure. You can use different surface treatments to enhance the aesthetics of residential concrete surfaces. The four main types include: Coating Staining Polishing Using densifiers and hardeners Read on to discover how residential concrete contractors use these treatments to transform concrete surfaces.  1. Coating Read More …