Upgrade Your New Commercial Building with Custom Stamped Concrete

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Upgrade Your New Commercial Building with Custom Stamped Concrete

26 October 2022
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Whether you're building a multi-story building for your company's world headquarters or simply building a modest space to house your small business, imagine how amazing it would look to have your company's logo stamped in the building's concrete!

Rather than pouring a boring concrete slab or floor instead, you have the option of making it look designer by stamping it. Concrete can be stamped to look like natural bricks, cobblestone, or flagstone. In addition, concrete can be stamped with custom-made stamps that contain company logos or any other designs you might like.

Where You Can Install Stamped Concrete Designs or Logos

With a custom logo or custom design stamping plate, you can put your company's permanent mark on the concrete installed anywhere inside or outside of your building. 

For example, you can stamp exterior concrete walkways or entrances.

If your business plans to have interior polished concrete floors, you can also use a custom concrete stamp to add a special touch indoors as well.

How Custom Concrete Stamps Are Made

Custom Concrete stamps are typically made from high-density polyurethane and are either cut out by a CNC machine or printed with a 3D laser printer. Thanks to the precision of these manufacturing tools, today's custom concrete stamps show a lot of fine detail and will accurately represent your company's logo or chosen designs into finished concrete.

How to Have a Custom Concrete Stamp Made

To create a custom concrete stamp from your company logo, you will need to pass along a vector image file of the design to the company making the stamp. They will use your vector file to create a proof photo of the stamp for you to review.

Once you have reviewed and approved the proof, then the stamp will be manufactured.

Custom Concrete Stamps Can Be Used Indefinitely

Once you have created a custom concrete stamp for your company, then you can use it as many times as you choose. Custom Concrete stamps are manufactured of high-quality materials to be used indefinitely without damage or wear. 

How Custom Concrete Stamping Is Done

At this point, you are probably wondering how the process of stamping concrete is done.

The first step is similar to pouring any other concrete slab:

  • The installation site is prepared
  • Wooden forms are constructed
  • The concrete is poured from a mixer truck
  • The concrete is leveled and smoothed using tools

Once the concrete contractors have leveled the concrete and it has started setting, it is stamped.

Once the stamping process is finished, the concrete is covered and allowed to cure. It is vital no one walks across the concrete or puts any pressure on it during the curing process. This will damage the stamped image. 

Stamped Concrete Must Be Sealed Against Weather Damage

Lastly, once the concrete has completely cured, then it is crucial to apply a concrete sealer on its surface. Concrete sealers are especially important for stamped concrete because the thinner ridges created by stamping are more prone to weather damage.   

Reach out to a service that offers custom-stamped concrete installation.