Use Residential Concrete Mudjacking Services To Raise Your Sunken Parking Slab Instead Of Replacing It

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Use Residential Concrete Mudjacking Services To Raise Your Sunken Parking Slab Instead Of Replacing It

4 August 2022
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If the concrete slab under your carport is sinking, you might be thinking of tearing out the concrete and putting in a new parking pad. You may not need to go to all that trouble if the slab can be raised with mudjacking instead. Mudjacking can be used to raise all kinds of concrete slabs, even foundations, so it can raise and support a parking pad too.

Here's why it's a good idea to make repairs and how residential concrete mudjacking services are done.

Why You Should Repair Sunken Concrete 

A concrete slab can sink for a number of reasons. The cause is usually a problem with the soil under the slab. When a void forms, the slab sinks. If the slab keeps sinking, a chunk of it could crack and open up the slab to allow rain to soak the base. When that happens, the soil can shift even more, and you might eventually need to replace the pad if the base becomes ruined.

If you make repairs soon enough, your parking pad can be good as new for less cost than putting in a new slab. Plus, you'll eliminate a depression that holds water and attracts bugs and other pests. The sunken area might even be a trip hazard, and you don't want that near your car where you might trip in the dark and get hurt.

How Residential Concrete Mudjacking Services Are Done

Mudjacking involves injecting a cement mix under the slab to create support for it. The cement mix fills any voids that are present and lifts the slab in the process. The cement then hardens to become support for the slab to keep it level.

The mudjacking contractor has to drill holes in the parking pad so the cement can be injected. The number of holes required depends on the size of the sunken area. The holes are small, and they'll be filled in once the work is complete.

The contractor then injects cement into the holes and raises the slab until it's level. The work goes pretty fast and it can be done under the carport without having to tear anything down. There's not much disruption at all, and when the work is complete, you can walk on the slab right away. The contractor will let you know how soon you can drive and park on the repaired area.

Residential concrete mudjacking services can lift all kinds of residential concrete including patios, porch steps, a pool deck, and a house foundation. It's a convenient way to repair concrete and a lot less trouble than replacing a slab.