Parking Lot Maintenance Steps That Keep Your Grocery Store Lot In Good Shape

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Parking Lot Maintenance Steps That Keep Your Grocery Store Lot In Good Shape

26 July 2022
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If you own a grocery store, it's important to maintain the parking lot. People usually aren't careful with property that isn't their own, so they may dump food, drinks, and other trash out on your lot. This can pose a hazard to customers and look unsightly. One way to manage this issue is with regular parking lot maintenance. Here are steps for keeping your parking lot in good shape.

Sweep The Lot

Sweeping the parking lot involves sweeping and vacuuming to get rid of grit and trash. This protects the asphalt from damage and improves the appearance of your lot. Talk to the parking lot maintenance company about how often you should schedule services. It varies according to how fast your lot accumulates trash.

Since your grocery store sells food and drinks, it may need to be swept more often since it's likely to pick up more food container trash than other types of businesses.

Add A Sealcoat

You may need to have a sealcoat applied to your lot every year or so depending on how much and what type of traffic the lot has. A sealcoat protects the asphalt from the sun and rain, so it's an important part of parking lot maintenance. By having a coating on the asphalt, your lot might need fewer repairs as time goes on.

Apply Stripes

You may want to apply new stripes when you get a sealcoat for the parking lot. At the very least, you should have new stripes put on when the old ones fade so your lot stays in compliance with ADA laws. Stripes also help with traffic flow and help maximize parking spaces.

Clear Snow In Winter

If snow covers your lot in winter, your customers won't have any place to park. You might need snow removal done regularly during the winter since being able to get food is important for your customers. In addition to shoveling away snow, you may need to put deicer down to keep cars and people from slipping and having an accident.

Repair Cracks And Holes

If you keep up with parking lot maintenance, your asphalt lot may not have much damage over the years. When it does develop cracks and the beginnings of holes, you'll want repairs done promptly to keep the damage from getting bigger.

When they're small, cracks and holes are easy to patch. That helps prolong the life of your parking lot and keeps you from having to pay much more for other types of repairs for as long as possible.