Removing A Section Of Concrete Quickly And Efficiently

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Removing A Section Of Concrete Quickly And Efficiently

23 March 2022
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Concrete slabs that need removal can be troublesome because they are heavy and may be filled with steel rebar to prevent them from cracking and breaking apart. If you need to retain part of the slab, it can further complicate the process. A concrete slab cutting service can cut the slab and the rebar so you can remove the section required for the job.

Preparing The Slab

Before the concrete slab cutting service arrives, it is essential to have the slab clean and marked out for the cuts required. If you suspect there is some rebar in the slab, let the cutting service know to ensure they have the right blade on the concrete saw before they begin cutting. 

If the slab is extremely dusty and dirty, it can be beneficial to pressure wash the area you are removing so the saw does not kick up unnecessary debris during the cutting process. Cleaning the slab also makes it easier to mark and allows the concrete slab cutting service to easily follow the lines or marks on the slab's surface.

To ensure the lines or markings are straight, use a scrap piece of wood with a straight edge and some brightly colored road marking paint to lay out the cut marks. This will ensure the outside edge of the lines are straight so the saw operator can follow them easily. 

Cutting The Slab

Cutting through concrete requires a large rotary saw with a diamond blade mounted on a rolling frame. The size of the blade is determined by the amount of concrete it has to pass through, so if you have some idea of the floor depth, let the cutting service know.

Cutting through the concrete is often dusty and can be a slow process, but once the cuts are made, you will be able to lift the slab section out. If the section you are removing is extremely large, you may want to have the cutting service make some passes over it with the saw to break the section down into smaller blocks.

Removing The Concrete

The concrete slab cutting service will not remove the concrete in most cases. The service cuts it for you, but you need to bring in equipment to remove the sections. A small loader or skid steer is often strong enough to lift the slab pieces out of the hole and carry them away, and once the slab is cut, you can use a jackhammer on the section that was cut free to break it up without damaging the remaining slab. 

Using a concrete slab cutting service to remove part of the slab leaves the edges of the old slab in better condition, so if you are repouring the concrete in that area later, the new concrete and the old will often form a better bond. 

Contact a concrete slab cutting service near you for more information.