These Are Signs That Crawl Space Foundation Repair Is Needed

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These Are Signs That Crawl Space Foundation Repair Is Needed

11 March 2022
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Many homes have foundations that have crawl spaces. Some homeowners appreciate the open space beneath their homes and may do things such as use the area for small storage purposes. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not realize that the crawl spaces of their homes need to be routinely inspected and repaired if needed. The following points identify a few situations that indicate crawl space repair is needed.

Humidity and Peculiar Odors

Mold thrives in certain conditions. It can develop in almost any area of a home. However, crawl spaces have an environment that is conducive to mold growth. Individuals who live in humid areas might notice humidity issues. These can be addressed with dehumidification intervention. If mold is present, it will require mold remediation. Homeowners should trust their sense of smell when they detect peculiar musty odors. Inspections can determine where the mold is located. After remediation and any repairs are completed, crawl space encapsulation can be considered.

Sloped Flooring

Homeowners should pay attention to changes in their flooring. A home built with flat floors should maintain that structural quality unless there are intentional modifications made such as a ramp installed for a wheelchair. Floors that appear to start sloping are indicative of an underlying crawl space issue. The uneven flooring issue will get progressively worse if repairs are not initiated. The damages can progress to the point of sagging floors that become a safety risk. Floors in this condition require reinforcement. Do-it-yourself fixes such as attempting to bring the flooring back to level are dangerous and will produce temporary, if any, positive results.

Seismic Activity

Some types of seismic activity can be felt. Earthquakes and tremors fall into this category. It is also possible for the ground to gradually shift. Although these subtle shiftings cannot be felt, they may affect soil stability. If the issue is not addressed, homeowners may start to experience many of the classic signs of unstable foundations. Their homes might appear to lean and doors and windows might be difficult to shut. It is possible to stay ahead of damages related to seismic activity. Homeowners can opt for crawlspace repair services referred to as seismic retrofitting to prevent or stop the progression of this type of damage. 

The good news is that a crawl space foundation repair professional can likely intervene and save homeowners money and frustration. This is why it is important to get routine foundation inspections and to contact them as soon as foundation issues are noticed or suspected. Early intervention will determine the repair options available. Extensive damages may require complex repair solutions to ensure safety and the housing structure. Contact a company like Atlas Master Co for more information.